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New Course Offered: Transformational Coaching

Ariel is excited to offer a new course.

Transformational Coaching: Learn how to coach clients from a spiritual perspective–understanding their Chakra and Auric flow, shadow personality characters, archetypes and teaching situational, on-demand and annual coaching programs. Contact us to enroll in this course.


Ariel Travels to Work with Clients and Students

Ariel continues to work with her clients and students in California, traveling there several times per year to teach and provide energy-balancing and transformational tune-ups. This week 2/26, she offers a free Reiki Share to her students and others who would like to experience Reiki or refresh their skills.  She is also currently teaching Reiki Master Teacher and Reflexology.  Contact Ariel for more details.


Ariel Guest Co-Host on Uplift Radio

Ariel was a guest co-host on Uplift Radio today, discussing manifesting, aligning with our highest vibration, house and business clearing with Host Michelle Woodward. Go to and search for Uplift Radio. You should be able to find the link to the archives there. If you do a search, you should be able to link to Ariel’s earlier radio appearances there as well.

Ariel's appearance on Uplift Radio --go to archives
Ariel’s appearance on Uplift Radio –go to archives



Welcome to Online Continuing Education in Massage, Energywork and More!


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Energywork: Seeing is Believing

This is an amazing live video of me giving a Reiki treatment and how much it changes the auric field. If you have ever wanted to “see” energywork, this video at first shows different layers of the subject’s energy field (you will see the colors change), and then you will see the intense light as I come in and send Reiki. His field also lights up when he takes the Reiki into his field. For more info on energywork training and/or treatments, go to


Happy Valentine’s Day

Sending you the wish that you can experience love today, whether it is self-love, or positive interaction with someone else! Happy Valentine’s Day!   Take a moment to be grateful for yourself.  Make a list of all the things you feel good about.  Not just things you do, but who you are.  Realize that you deserve to be loved just because you are, not just because of what you can do for others, or your status or appearance.  Pay attention to how it makes you feel to contemplate this–good inside?  Then enjoy the goodness you feel about your own understanding that you are worthy, and that you do love yourself!

Give yourself the gift of self-love today.
Give yourself the gift of self-love today.

Ariel’s Article on Attending Conferences Featured in Massage Magazine

If you have thought about attending a massage conference, read about the benefits in Massage Magazine from December 2015.  Networking, reclaiming your passion for the work, receiving treatments and validation as a professional, learning new tools for your clients are all benefits!

Attending massage conferences is an invaluable experience in connecting with the community!
Attending massage conferences is an invaluable experience in connecting with the community!

New Online Courses

Reiki Master Teacher:

Ariel's original Reiki Divination Cards may be used to administer healing energy or for divination. See the Products page.
Ariel’s original Reiki Divination Cards may be used to administer healing energy or for divination. See the Products page.

This course is available for new and returning students.  Take a breakthrough RMT class that will expand your energywork and professional horizons. Includes case management, advanced Reiki history and technique, 45 Reiki Symbols (save a bundle–rather than taking 6 classes, take one and get all that terrific Reiki info you need), teaching outlines, attunement information, how to attune objects, and more.

 If you have studied Reiki 1 and 2 with another Reiki Master, contact Ariel Hubbard at 949-292-3223 before enrolling in this course.  Since this course attunes in 6 Reiki traditions, you will need booster attunements and your Reiki Master Attunement in-person before taking this course.

Returning Reiki Master Teachers, this new course has videos, new course materials and an updated handout to support your practice and teaching!  Go to the enrollment page and enter the discount code to take this course at 80% off.  Contact Ariel for the code.


Energy Management:  

Change your relationship with other peoples' energy with the Energy Management course!
Change your relationship with other peoples’ energy with the Energy Management course!

Develop and understand the ability to manage and control how you experience energy from other people and how you affect them.  This online course contains videos, meditations and a handout to help you develop and master your empathic gifts.

Hot Stone Refresher Course:

Hot Stone massage is an excellent adjunct to other healing nodalities.
Hot Stone massage is an excellent adjunct to other healing nodalities.

If you have studied Hot Stone Massage with Ariel F. Hubbard, this course presents flows on videos so you can work along with Ariel to remember the protocols. Also included is the course handout with techniques, indications/contraindications and more.

The following courses will be available on instant demand in the near future! (we are working on these now):

  • Circulatory Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • HighSelf Resonance Therapy

Ariel Appears on Bright and Early Seattle

Ariel appears on Bright and Early Seattle on 1/1/16 and 1/20/16. with hosts Michelle Woodward and Matthew Flesch. Go to or search Google for Bright and Early Seattle and Archives and do a search for Ariel F. Hubbard.  Discussed the energetics of cording and the development of an empath!20151101_210743323_iOS


The Violet Flame is an Excellent Tool for Transmuting Energy

A very powerful tool can be used to clear rooms, yourself, objects–it transmutes lower-vibrational frequencies into high-vibrational ones.  You can use it to clear negative emotions or energies (including energetic cords) by literally visualizing a violet flame and placing it where you experience the energies. This is so much you can do with this energy.