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We have been carefully monitoring Governor Inslee’s stay-at-home orders, which have changed multiple times due to the unpredictable effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will return to providing high-quality therapeutic massage when these orders are rescinded. Currently, our estimate is a return-to-work on May 18th.

We have done extensive research, based on information that is currently available, to create a plan of care for our clients to create the safest experience possible. To this end, Ariel Hubbard has taken a prevention control course and will be disinfecting the treatment room and restroom with environmentally-friendly products in-between treatments.

We are going to need to implement new safety measures for our Massage Therapists and for our Clients to maximize safety. These measures will be in place temporarily, until people can safely interact again under normal circumstances.

What is new for clients:

Before you return for massage, you will read and sign our new intake form, which includes health questions about Covid-19.

Your temperature will be taken before you enter the building for treatment.

You and the Massage Therapist will be wearing a mask during treatment.

Treatments will be paid for electronically, and documented electronically as well. to avoid having paper and pens (potential fomites) in the office.

Change is uncomfortable, and we acknowledge that these changes could be hard, but we need to protect all of our clients and make sure they are safe. We do appreciate your cooperation.

Please stay in quarantine until the stay-at-home orders are rescinded!


Ariel Added 7 new classes to address Covid-19, Coronavirus pandemic challenges

In April 2020, Ariel teamed up with AscendCE, a consortium of a group of Massage Envy franchises in the Seattle area, to offer free massage CE courses to massage therapists out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In four weeks, Ariel trained almost 300 people online as the first AscendCE Online Instructor for AscendCE. She created the process for online training, as well as doing the research for creating 8 courses. She is offering these 1-hour courses to those who missed the opportunity for free training at her online portal at http://hubbardeducationgroup.click4course.com at $15 each, as well as her 4-hour Ethics