Ariel consults professionals in personal, spiritual and professional development.
Ariel consults professionals in personal, spiritual and professional development.

To book a consultation with Ariel, call or text 971-319-2618  variety of consulting services for professionals and individuals: Rate: $150/hour, plus travel time.

Spa Set-Up and Management: If you are seeking to open your spa, if you do not have experience in the holistic health field, you may want to consult Ariel regarding steps involved in the process. Contact Ariel for a free introductory consultation.

Energy Management/Empath Empowerment:  Energy Management is the ability to manage the energetic flow, harmony and balance in the Human Energy System (the meridians, Chakra, nadis, auric field) so that wellness is optimized. Ariel is an Energy Sensitive, and can see, feel, hear, sense the energy flow of a person. Many people suffer from imbalances in their flow, for a variety of reasons, resulting in lack of productivity, focus and damage to personal relationships. Ariel has the ability to read that flow and to give supportive corrections to assist people to re-experience wellness.

Ariel has consulted conductors giving performances, psychotherapists working with patients and massage therapists and their energetic interaction with clients.

Professional Space Clearing: Ariel has had an ability to sense the non-physical, including the presence of discarnate beings (spirits), since she was a child.  She clears negative energy from spaces (spirits, disharmonious chi flowing through ley lines, disharmonious energy vortexes), by offering Space Clearing Sessions.  These sessions restore positive energy flow, and promote abundance, focus, and productivity.

Ariel has done Space Clearing (also called House or Business Blessings/Cleansing ) for a variety of businesses and homes for over 20 years.