Ariel mentors others in professional and spiritual development. See the Products Page for info on her books that provide guidance on the spiritual journey,
Ariel mentors others in professional and spiritual development. See the Products Page for info on her books that provide guidance on the spiritual journey,

To book a consultation with Ariel, call or text971-319-2618 or email Ariel.

Ariel mentors others in personal, professional in spiritual development. Rates are $150/hour plus travel time.

Courseware Development: Ariel has written over 10,000 pages of courseware,  and 65 courses in holistic health, massage, business, ethics, anatomy, energywork, clinical hypnotherapy and personal development. She has also authored 3 books, and written the energywork chapter in the Massage Desk Reference, numerous articles in Massage Magazine, Massage Today and other publications.  She has also created customized courseware for 5 spas, including Pelican Hill and Spa Gregories, teaching their professionals continuing education.

After developing a vision of the scope, topic and course needed, Ariel writes and/or teaches the customized course on-site or on-line.

Personal Development: Ariel has mentored thousands of people in their personal growth journey, helping people to answer the questions, “What is my next step?”  She listens to their goals, dreams and desires, and uses her intuition to connect with their Higher Self (their soul).  She then helps them understand the variance between personality-based life goals, versus soul-based life goals.  She uses intuition, common sense, energy sensitivity and extensive experience in her work.

Ariel has worked with people seeking life direction, from people entering the profession to experienced professionals who need life change seeking energetic alignment with a meaningful experience.

Professional Development:  Ariel has worked with people who desire to develop their energy sensitivity or healing gift into a viable practice.  She provides them with the education, mentoring, professional development skills and tools to make their desire a reality.  Ariel has trained over 2,000 people in the holistic healing arts, many of whom have become long-term professionals in their field.  Ariel founded and operated the first vocational energywork school in California history, which operated also as a vocational school for massage, clinical hypnotherapy, Reiki and reflexology for 11 years.  She continues as a nationally-certified CE provider today, educating holistic health professionals.  See the Courses page for more information.

Massage Technique Development: Massage professionals have also asked Ariel to critique their work.  Ariel has evaluated the performance, technique, understanding and application of correct massage technique for many people and continues to offer this service. She assists massage professionals to improve on and expand their massage toolbox in private consulting sessions.

Writing Development: Ariel also mentors writers developing their work in this field, educators developing courseware and their teaching practice, future vocational school owners and spa owners/directors. She has developed private courses for 5 spas and also provides that service as well.

Spiritual Development: Many people know there is more to life than their daily experience, yet they don’t understand their own intuition, heart, nor their process.  Ariel assists people to “tune in to the voice of Spirit within,” helping them to awaken and connect with their spiritual essence, wisdom and life journey.

Empath Development: If you are an untrained energy sensitive, you probably feel overwhelmed by others’ energy and uncomfortable around crowds.   Ariel’s extensive experience with energy sensitivity gives her the skills to train empaths.  She has been working with them for over 20 years to develop their abilities, reign in controlling behaviors and help them feel empowered with their gifts.

She has developed a curriculum to teach