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Ariel Hubbard has been involved with the healing world since 1988. She is a practitioner, educator, writer and speaker, as well as a mentor for people developing their skills or people undergoing the transformation process.

Manifest Quickly with the Focus Wheel Form! Learn How on Woman Power Zone Podcast #112

Manifest Quickly with the Focus Wheel Form! See more information, below, and listen to Ariel Hubbard on Woman Power Zone episode #112, The Power of the Focus Wheel.

Woman Power Zone

Check out episode #112

My Focus Wheel Form

Understanding the Focus Wheel

The Focus Wheel was a tool that was invented by Paul J. Meyer in 1960

Ariel learned about this tool when she received business coaching in 1999.  This tool can help you gain clarity, get grounded, and in effect, feel empowered during the manifesting process.

Some of it involves your assessing how you feel about your life and equally important, identify areas of life where you may need work.

Use the Wheel of Life to get a sense of this. In other areas of the form will help you answer key questions about what you want to create, how you want to manifest and what your wins and challenges are.

If you take information regarding unfinished goals or challenges that were not met and bring them into the following week’s My Focus Wheel, you can generate momentum in your manifesting and goal accomplishment process.

Once you draw all of the lines for your ratings in the Focus Wheel, it starts to look like a pie. Rate low numbers by drawing horizontal lines close to the center of the wheel; and draw the line farther out for higher ratings for your Wheel. A positive Wheel will have lines drawn close to the edges.

This is an example of something you might say on My Focus Wheel. Use the form, above.

Wheel of Life:

Rate these areas from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.




Friends and Family

Significant Other/Self-Relationship

Personal Growth

Fun and Recreation

Physical Environment

I AM declarations. These are declarations you are making about yourself as a person, also a being who is creating and manifesting.

I am enough, at peace and a magickal manifestor.

What I am manifesting this week.

Time to meditate (for the goal of manifesting.)

Time to exercise (for the goal of peace).

Actions I am taking toward my manifesting.

Creating time in my schedule to meditate.

Creating time in my schedule to exercise.

I am delegating to the Universe.

Not feeling good enough.

Other peoples’ problems.

Not knowing how to accomplish my goals.

Other peoples’ expectations.

Other peoples’ issues.

Wins and accomplishments for the week.

I meditated 3 times last week.

I felt more peaceful most of the week.

What worked to bring you your wins?

Creating time and space in my schedule to make this happen.

What actions and delegating are not working? 

I need an additional meditation session per week.

Too busy to do all my exercise sessions this week.

What stopped you?

I spent time attending to the needs of work and family, and missed out on that meditation session.

List adjustments that need to be made and by when.

Create a balance between time for myself and time with other people.


Manifest Quickly with the Focus Wheel Form by looking at your forms weekly and carrying unfinished items over to the new forms. The more you think about, focus and work with this tool, the more quickly you will manifest!


Ariel Guest on the Engaged Marketeer Podcast

Ariel Hubbard is a guest on the Engaging Marketeer Podcast
Ariel Hubbard is a guest on the Engaging Marketeer Podcast

Ariel discusses the power of using intuition and letting go of unproductive thoughts and fears to successfully market a holistic health business. Need tips on growth, creating opportunity and creating business flow that works? Listen here:



Apple Podcasts:

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Ariel Offered NCBTMB-Approved Live Class Lymphatic Clearing July 2023 in SoCal

If you took the Lymphatic Clearing for the Head and Neck class to assist with allergies, neck and head pain and poor range-of-motion, jaw issues, post dental pain–we had an amazing time. Over 30 people joined Ariel in this class! If you would like to take this class, Ariel will offer it on December 28th, 2023 in Desert Hot Springs and on-demand in Western Washington. Please reach out to Ariel to schedule a private class! Options are available!

Lymphatic Clearing for the Head and Neck–AMTA-CA Event in Ontario, CA 7-2023

Ariel Teaches Live Private and Group Classes as well as Online

Ariel is teaching her Level-Up Massage classes live in Washington.

Ariel has renewed teaching classes live for Massage Therapists, Medical Professionals, Massage Professionals

Ariel has partnered with the AMTA-CA Chapter, the AMTA-WA Chapter, and Arlington Massage School, as well as offering private classes in-person in her classroom in the Greater Seattle Area.

Ariel Hubbard demoing her Level-Up Massage technique in class.

Breaking News and New In-Person Courses

Washington LMT’s must take 8-hours of live CE’s again, starting 1/1/23

The Washington Board of Massage decided to rescind Covid-era changes to how CE’s needed to be obtained, eliminating the waiver of live in-person classes, starting 1/1/23. Our goal is to assist you to address this issue by helping you obtain all 24 hours of your required CE’s online (click here to take online classes), or by offering new live classes in 2023 and 2024 (click here to view classes and to enroll). As of 2023, all LMT’s in WA are required to again take 8 hours of live education–and people will be coming back to class. Enroll early to secure your place!


Ariel Hubbard releasing new podcast, Woman Power Zone, November 15th, 2021

Ariel Releases Woman Power Zone on November 15th.

Ariel Hubbard has been gestating the idea of a podcast for several years, and she has been a guest on a variety of shows, starting with radio in 1999, numerous podcasts all the way up through the present.

November 15th is the working  upcoming podcast release for Woman Power Zone! Learn, grow, get inspired and level-up with WPZ! It will be up on all major podcast platforms!  It really helps if you can download on Launch Day!

Just search for Woman Power Zone on Apple, Spotify and more!  I would so appreciate it if you could download. The first episode is The Power of Intuition! If you want to binge, upcoming episodes are: The Power of Entrepreneurship with Diamond Diva, The Power of Direction, The Power of Business with Lillian Anderson, The Power of Action and the Power of Renewal with Nancy Lesiotis!

If you want to experience more of Ariel’s interviews, here are a few samples: