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Ariel Hubbard has been involved with the healing world since 1988. She is a practitioner, educator, writer and speaker, as well as a mentor for people developing their skills or people undergoing the transformation process.

Rate Changes

Pricing is always a concern, no matter what product or service we buy or offer. We have not raised our prices since 2015; however, the cost of doing business has increased significantly. Unfortunately, we do need to make adjustments to pricing, but our goal is to make them small so that our services are still affordable. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

As of June 15, 2019, rate changes for treatments are as follows:

$67.50 for 30 minutes

$135 for 60 minutes

$200 for 90 minutes

$270 for 120 minutes

Outcall fees of $10-25 remain the same, as does PIP pricing.

Private course fees will change to $60 an hour beginning August 1st. Our online education prices are nominal for 4-hour courses if you are seeking inexpensive pricing for short courses. You may also organize a group course for a less expensive rate.


Recent Courses

We recently have been offering a variety of courses, all of which can be taught for your group of friends or colleagues.

Crystal Chakra Healing: Learn crystals to open, balance and align the 18-chakras. The in-person class gives you hands-on access to hundreds of crystals, so you can feel their effects yourself.

Clearing Energetic Cording: See the video of this class here. Learn how to disengage (NOT CUT) energetic cords. For centuries, people have taught to cut energetic cords, which actually damages bioplasmic streamers–this is how people feel when their “heart is ripped out.” Create a healing way to clear peoples’ energies out of your field that also feels good. Email us if you would like a copy of the text featured in the video.

HighSelf Resonance Therapy Tools: Learn powerful energywork from the HRT founder, Ariel F. Hubbard, who has taught thousands of healers. Learn how to clear, align, charge and balance the auric field, chakras, meridians, using dozens of healing tools.

Empath Empowerment: Learn how to navigate the world as an empowered energy sensitive, rather than one “freaked out” by other peoples’ energies. You can feel good, despite the people you are around and their energetic states.

Spirit Releasement/Business and Home Clearing: Learn how to clear businesses and homes of negative energies, ghosts, dysfunctional ley lines and portals used by spirits to gain access to human energy. You will receive a professional training certificate so that you may develop your own business in clearing homes and businesses.

Reiki: Learn 6 different Reiki traditions taught at a professional level, so that you may learn how to give transformational healing to yourself, others, and to empower situations. As a Reiki Master Teacher, you will also learn to heal.

Stellar Social Media and Guerilla Social Media Marketing: Learn how to set up and transformation your social media to book clients and increase your business.

Transformational Coaching: Learn how to become a coach, working with archetypes, the root causes of resistance; understanding subconscious double-binds; how to create and achieve goals and much more.

20+ modalities in Ethics, Massage, Business and Ethics. Ariel has been teaching these topics for many years, and offers them in person and online.
Ariel providing HRT Energywork at a recent class.


Just updated our calendar for 2019!

Lots of great classes and I am excited to also add new retreats for 2019!  Here are some highlights!

12/17/18 Sammamish, WA 11:15a-1:15p HighSelf Resonance Therapy Introduction: The Voice and Spiritual Contracts: Using the voice to heal and releasing spiritual contracts and cording without damaging the auric field.

12/30/18-1/1/19, Sedona, Arizona: Empath Empowerment,training you to manage and enjoy your gifts rather than be overwhelmed by other peoples’ energy.  May be full–contact us for more information.

1/2-4/19, Sedona, Arizona: Energy Anatomy and Palpation:Working with the energy at the vortexes in Sedona, you will learn how to develop your ability to sense and read energy flow and also to manifest your intentions into your daily life. May be full–contact us for more information.

We offer a wide variety of courses in spirituality, healing, massage and energywork.
We offer a wide variety of courses in spirituality, healing, massage and energywork.

1/10-12/19: Sammamish, WA: Reiki 2: Learn how to send the healing power of Reiki to empower healing for people and situations long-distance and through time!  Reiki 1 is the prerequisite.  If you have not been attuned in the 6 traditions that are a part of our Reiki curriculum, you will need a booster class prior to taking this class.

1/14/19 Sammamish, WA, 11:15a-1:15p HighSelf Resonance Therapy Tools: Scanning and reading the chakras and auric field.

CBD oil during massage is one of the latest trends.

1/17/18: 11:00a-3:00pm, Legalities of Topical Cannabis.  $89 for a group class, $200 for a private class on your schedule. Informing WA state Massage Therapists about how they can legally apply CBD cream during massage, benefits of CBD, marketing ideas to enhance their practice.

1/19/19, 9:00 a-11:30a, Prolong Your Career with Chinese Medical Massage for Self Care, Self Care Fair, Highline College, Bldg. 22, Room 202, enroll at

1/19/19, 4:00-6:00p, Protect Your Hands with Self Care Massage, Self Care Fair,  Highline College, Bldg. 22, Room 202, enroll at

1/24/19 Yorba Linda, CA 7-9 PM: HighSelf Resonance Therapy Introduction: The Voice and Spiritual Contracts: Releasing spiritual contracts and cording without damaging the auric field.

1/28/19 Sammamish, WA, 11:15a-1:15p  HighSelf Resonance Therapy Tools:  Advanced Breathing Release. Using an advanced HRT tool created by HRT founder Ariel Hubbard to repair and regenerate the auric field.

2/7/19: 11:00a-3:00p, Incarnational Choices: Understanding the “why” you are here and the “what” you came to accomplish by connecting in with your present and past lives, includes a past-life regression and an inter-incarnational healing process created by Registered Hypnotherapist Ariel Hubbard.

3/21/19 Yorba Linda, WA, 7:00p-9:00p HighSelf Resonance Therapy Tools:  Advanced Breathing Release. Using an advanced HRT tool created by HRT founder Ariel Hubbard to repair and regenerate the auric field.

Palpating the energy of crystals and understanding their properties is part of the crystal gridding class.

4/3-4/6/19, Sammamish WA Sound Healing and Crystal Grid Retreat: Learn how to use the amazing power of sound and the piezoelectric effect of crystals to facilitate healing and transformation.Facebooktwitterlinkedinrssyoutube

New Course Offered: Legalities of Topical Cannabis

 In August, 2017, we began offering much needed continuing education on the legalities of treating with topical cannabis by Massage Therapists.  This is a continuing education course on symptoms topical cannabis can assist with, the difference between CBD and THC, and whether the therapist can safely apply topical treatment to clients.  This class is available as a private or group CE Class, and will soon be released as an online class as well.  Contact us to enroll.Facebooktwitterlinkedinrssyoutube

Ariel Travels to Work with Clients and Students

Ariel continues to work with her clients and students in California, traveling there several times per year to teach and provide energy-balancing and transformational tune-ups. This week 2/26, she offers a free Reiki Share to her students and others who would like to experience Reiki or refresh their skills.  She is also currently teaching Reiki Master Teacher and Reflexology.  Contact Ariel for more details. Facebooktwitterlinkedinrssyoutube

Ariel Guest Co-Host on Uplift Radio

Ariel was a guest co-host on Uplift Radio today, discussing manifesting, aligning with our highest vibration, house and business clearing with Host Michelle Woodward. Go to and search for Uplift Radio. You should be able to find the link to the archives there. If you do a search, you should be able to link to Ariel’s earlier radio appearances there as well.

Ariel's appearance on Uplift Radio --go to archives
Ariel’s appearance on Uplift Radio –go to archives


Welcome to Online Continuing Education in Massage, Energywork and More!


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Energywork: Seeing is Believing

This is an amazing live video of me giving a Reiki treatment and how much it changes the auric field. If you have ever wanted to “see” energywork, this video at first shows different layers of the subject’s energy field (you will see the colors change), and then you will see the intense light as I come in and send Reiki. His field also lights up when he takes the Reiki into his field. For more info on energywork training and/or treatments, go to


Happy Valentine’s Day

Sending you the wish that you can experience love today, whether it is self-love, or positive interaction with someone else! Happy Valentine’s Day!   Take a moment to be grateful for yourself.  Make a list of all the things you feel good about.  Not just things you do, but who you are.  Realize that you deserve to be loved just because you are, not just because of what you can do for others, or your status or appearance.  Pay attention to how it makes you feel to contemplate this–good inside?  Then enjoy the goodness you feel about your own understanding that you are worthy, and that you do love yourself!

Give yourself the gift of self-love today.
Give yourself the gift of self-love today.