Course Descriptions

New Courses:

Online: Click here to take courses online. 

Acupoints for Positive Energy:  Are you not getting the massage you need? Concerned about Covid?  This online self-care massage class will give you online massage training for acupoints you may use for self-care.

Lymphatic Clearing for Self-Care: Do your head and neck feel sore? Would you like to improve the appearance of bags and wrinkles in your face? Are you dealing with headaches, allergies,  or TMJ?  This class teaches you how to apply self-massage.  This class makes no curative claims, however, Lymphatic work has been demonstrated to be helpful with these issues.

Lymphatic Anatomy: Learn about the incredible, yet often overlooked Lymphatic system; its locations, the many ways it can affect the body, and how working with it can make a difference.

Lymphatic Clearing: Head and Neck, Torso and Arms, Pelvis and Legs all Online: These CE courses powerfully teach you Lymphatic Clearing, a modality that assists with a wide range of pathological conditions.  This advanced massage technique assists practitioners to address pain, stress, and also assists in improving the appearance of the skin.  Each course addresses different pathologies related to the areas treated, yet this modality is not hard on the practitioner’s body. Work smart, not hard!

Quick Pain Management Techniques: Learn pain management techniques from an experienced massage therapist. Ariel offers you training in some of the most effective ways to manage pain and improve circulation.


Lymphatic Clearing for Clients (Head and Neck, Torso and Arms and Pelvis and Legs): These CE courses powerfully teach you Lymphatic Clearing, a modality that assists with a wide range of pathological conditions.  This advanced massage technique assists practitioners to address pain, stress, and also assists in improving the appearance of the skin.  Each course addresses different pathologies related to the areas treated, yet this modality is not hard on the practitioner’s body. Work smart, not hard!

Level-Up Your Massage (Head and Neck, Sidelying and Lower Body): These CE courses powerfully teach you ways to switch off hypertonic muscles to increase range-of-motion, reduce stress and pain, and improve functioning. Courses address issues such as neck pain; forward-facing position; frozen shoulder; sciatic pain; knee and ankle pain; back pain and more.

Legalities of Topical Cannabis: This CE course teaches about the legalities of topical cannabis by Massage Therapists in Washington and Oregon; symptoms addressed by topical cannabis, and the difference between CBD and THC and more. Private, group and online classes available.

Communicating with Your Guides:  This course teaches you practical steps to learn how to listen to, communicate with your Guides and act on that Guidance.  Private and group classes available.

HighSelf Resonance Therapy 1-4:  Training in HighSelf Resonance Therapy, an effective energywork modality, by its founder, Ariel Hubbard, is available.

Ethics: This course meets the Ethics requirement for CE’s for the State of Washington.  $200 at your convenience.   Covers boundaries, ethics, and energetic boundaries and how to manage them with clients. Contact us to enroll in this course.

Incarnational Choices: Understanding the post-incarnational experience, soul contracts, soul themes and past lives.  This course will help give context to their lives from a “big picture” perspective. Contact us to enroll in this course.

Introduction to Empath Empowerment: Whether you are a business person seeking tools to stay balanced while working with your clients or an empath needing support to feel energetically good, this course will give you helpful tools. Contact us to enroll in this course.

Acupressure for Depression: Learn acupoints to help treat depression and its symptoms.

Acupressure for Anxiety: Learn acupoints to help treat depression and its symptoms. Contact us to enroll in this course.

Transformational Coaching: Learn how to coach clients from a spiritual perspective–understanding their Chakra and Auric flow, shadow personality characters, archetypes and teaching situational, on-demand and annual coaching programs. Contact us to enroll in this course.


Art of Manifesting: Learn to harness the power of your intent and eliminate resistance to manifesting your desired outcome.

Relating to Your Guides: Learn to work in harmony with your Spirit Guides for greater flow in your life.

Western Massage: (Sports, Deep Tissue, Circulatory, Couples’ Massage, Pain-Free Reflexology)

Eastern Massage: Tui Na, Acupressure and Shiatsu

Vibrational Therapies: HighSelf Resonance Therapy (Ariel is the creator of this modality); Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Flower Essence Healing, Reiki (you will be attuned in 6 styles of Reiki), Emotional Reflexology.

Advanced Anatomy and Palpation:
This course will give added depth to the student’s understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as pathology. It will also train the student in advanced palpitation and assessment skills to deeply understand and evaluate their client’s muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.  It will instruct the student in Positional Release techniques, including Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (these are advanced techniques used for neuromuscular release and in advanced Sports Massage) as well as an introduction to Thomas Meyer’s fascial meridians.

Aromatherapy is an energetic healing modality that has been used by healers for millennia.  Aromatherapy involves the application of essential oils derived from plants to correct various physical and energetic imbalances. The student will learn about the history of aromatherapy, how it affects the brain, the guidelines for and contraindications against using aromatherapy. Students will gain a working knowledge and understanding of this highly effective healing modality. Students will have the ability to truly experience oils and understand their deeper nature, as well has how to create balanced blends with them. Students will also learn how to make aromatherapy products for use in their treatments or as an add-on product for their practice.

Advanced Aromatherapy:
This course covers Aromatherapy in greater detail, covering the beneficial and toxic qualities of oils.  Essential oils may have strong medicinal effects which must be used carefully and in the correct mixtures to have the most beneficial effects.   Students will also explore the use and qualities of a larger selection of oils, and a more extensive treatment protocol.  Students will also learn more extensive treatment terms used in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy: Making Products for Treatments:
This course covers how to make products to use with your clients, including blending, carrier oils, bottles, safety and quality concerns.

*Aromatherapy Workshops:
We teach various workshops on Gift-Making and Beauty and Cellulite Reduction at different times during the year.

Art of Manifesting:
Manifestation is the conscious act of bringing a thought or energy shift into existence in physical reality. The individual needs to be clear and focused in their desire and be willing to receive their highest good. This course addresses self-esteem and self-acceptance issues so that the student may open their energetic flow to allow manifestation to occur. Students will learn about the power of their words, affirmations, visualizations, acting “as if,” and accepting good experiences into their lives as part of this process. Students will work on a manifestation project where they will receive the support to make their dreams a reality. Students will also be taught to address what prevents them from success.

The Art of Teaching:
The Art of Teaching is a course designed to introduce students to the theory and practice of teaching students. We delve into teaching and learning theory while also discovering our and our students’ dominant and non-dominant teaching and learning styles. Also covered are dynamic ways of engaging students from different generations (with different agendas); classroom dynamics; establishing authority; and the teacher/student relationship. This course will prepare you for interactions and the creation of an excellent experience with your students.

Best Professional Practices:
This course will train the student in proper professional etiquette, attitude, practices and ethics necessary for a successful massage or energy healing practice. It gives the students the distinctions and skills necessary to interact with clients, colleagues, strategic alliances and business contacts. Students will also learn networking and marketing skills, as well an essential understanding of ethics.

Chair Massage:
Chair massage is a very popular modality in corporate massage market and at sporting events. This is an excellent modality to market a massage business because the practitioner may present it in a variety of environments and give the public exposure to their work. As a clothed massage which is a great introduction to massage. This modality is also helpful at outdoor sporting events and seminars.

Client/Therapist Communication:
In this course, students gain an in-depth understanding of the communication skills necessary in a successful client/therapist relationship.  We will include practice-oriented communication (such as gathering client history and evaluating results through writing, pre-session communication–the introductory phone conversation and intention of the work, developing rapport, in-session communication, including building trust, establishing therapist boundaries and session dialoguing), handling conflicts, client compliance issues, post-session communication (follow-up phone calls, setting appointments), and ethics.

Client Case Management:
Case Management is a specialized plan of care often used by nurses to assist their patients to develop a collaborative course of action to treat a specific health issue. They also advocate for their patients and coordinate logistics in care. Nurses often provide Case Management as a valuable service to their patients; students will learn how to offer a holistic alternative.  Students will be presented with working case studies as a guide in this class.  Discussion groups will be used as the primary method for understanding how to work with the challenges of bringing clients along the healing journey.  This is a directed course of study where the students will work with selected clients while observing and charting their progress.

Client Protocol Development:
This course teaches students how to use therapeutic skills they have developed to create a customized treatment plan for their clients. This class will teach students how to take clients through a regimen that will promote wellness, from initial assessment and evaluation, developing a client/healer relationship, choosing modalities for treatment, dealing with resistance and evaluating results of treatment. Students will learn how to recognize areas of disharmony in a client in order to properly treat them and make recommendations.  This course will address Pathology, Anatomy and Physiology, as well as the Etiology of disease in order to give the therapist information on how to treat a disease or disorder, based on their current clients.

Clinical Hypnotherapy:
Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that works with the subconscious mind to facilitate a healing experience. It is very effective in behavior modification, phobia removal and performance enhancement under the right conditions. It is an excellent modality to combine with energywork, Reiki, and Sports Massage. Training in this class includes the history of hypnotherapy, an introduction to hypnotherapy, hypnosis tools including desensitization and inductions, and relaxation and visualization, and past life regression. We also work with smoking cessation, anxiety and depression relief, and weight loss treatments. These tools will enable you to provide an additional tool for healing as well as another income stream to your practice. This 100-hour course will give you the necessary training to apply to some professional hypnotherapy organizations.

Color and Stone Healing:
This course introduces students to the piezoelectric and healing properties of color and the healing properties of sacred stones (e.g. crystal quartz, black tourmaline, rose quartz, etc.). Students will be taught how to work with stones in layouts on clients and through crystal grids, how to program stones with a specific intention, and how to clear stones after sessions.  Students will receive a custom-designed 18 Chakra-Balancing crystal healing kit for the chakras we work as part of the class.

Deva Dialogues:
The Elemental Kingdom is an essential part of creation, which relies on the same elements that are in the human body.  The Elementals are comprised of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Ether and Metal Elements.  This field class is an exploration of how these elements occur in nature and how they affect human health. Students will learn about the Elementals—who they are, what their function is and facilitate a healing process with them.

Energy Etiquette:
Most people are completely unaware of how their energy affects other people.  However, with training, we can develop the skill to master our auric field and how it relates with other people.  We also have the ability to regulate how we are energetically affected by others.  This course teaches energy sensitive people to master their authority of their energy system so that they can feel comfortable interacting with others.  This skill is especially important when we are facilitating healing experiences for others.  This course teaches the students how to manage their energy, to honor peoples’ boundaries and space, to modify their energetic presence in various situations and how people relate to each other energetically.

Energy Anatomy:
This course trains students in energy anatomy (including structures such as the Chakras, Meridians, Subtle Bodies, Hara Line, Nadis, Karmic Stream and the Familial Stream) as well as in some basic physical anatomy and pathology. Students will learn about these structures in greater detail than in our other courses. Students will develop their awareness of energy anatomy in theory and in practice, including symbology and physical/spiritual significances. This course also covers physical anatomy and the systems of the body and their physiology. Students will learn how the physical body is affected by massage and energywork.

Energywork for Depression: 
This course educates the practitioner on the etiology of depression, how it manifests and methods of treatment using meridians, acupressure points and Reflexology.

Energywork for Anxiety:
This course educates the practitioner on the etiology of anxiety, how it manifests and methods of treatment using meridians, acupressure points and Reflexology.

Ethics for Massage Therapists:
This course educates students in codes of ethics, proper conduct, boundaries and resolving ethical dilemmas. This a required course for NCBTMB Massage Therapists and may also be required by other organizations.

Flower Essence Healing:
Flower essences are the liquid and energetic extracts of plants used for healing the mind, body and spirit.  They may be used to enhance soul development, to address emotional issues and to maintain well-being.  Students will learn the history and theory behind flower essences.  This course will teach the student how to use flower essences for specific health issues and to select the appropriate essences with muscle testing.  The student will also learn how to make flower essences and how to apply them in a healing session.

*Flower Essences for Animals:
Animals have a profound emotional life, just as humans do.  Emotional behaviors affect external behaviors. This workshop provides suggestions to treat emotional issues for animals (and their owners.)  We will also discuss dosing and formulating treatment bottles.

Healing with Crystal Grids:
This workshop will cover crystal grids layouts that are used in conjunction with massage treatments. Crystal Grids are specific layouts of stones in configurations designed to generate specific types of energy flows. We will discuss how specific layouts can complement massage treatments and address various pathological conditions.

HighSelf Resonance Therapy One: Part 1 and
HighSelf Resonance Therapy One: Part 2:
These transformational courses introduce students to basic energywork techniques while encouraging them to activate their spiritual connection to create a powerful, intuitive healing and massage experience for their clients. Students also receive treatments in HighSelf Resonance Therapy in these courses. We will cover the following topics: creating and holding sacred space, preparing yourself for energywork, your healing tools, developing a relationship with your inner guidance, being centered, facilitating client/therapist communication, the flow of the session and healing gateways. Students will study energy anatomy, including chakras, meridians and nadis.

HighSelf Resonance Therapy Two: Part 1 and
HighSelf Resonance Therapy Two: Part 2:
Prerequisite course is HighSelf Resonance Therapy Level One.  Students will continue to develop their ability to work with healing energy in this course. They will also learn more advanced healing techniques to encourage transformation in the client, such as pre-and post-surgical energywork, pain relief, long-distance healing, and healing large groups of people.  This course will also deepen the student’s personal development as they continue to receive healing treatments in class.

HighSelf Resonance Therapy Three: Parts 1 and 2.
Prerequisite course is HighSelf Resonance Therapy Levels One and Two. This course presents an opportunity for HRT students to volunteer in the community.  Students will be providing HRT sessions in a variety of atmospheres and learning how to work with the public to develop communication, relating and healing skills with a variety of different populations, providing invaluable experience, insight and opportunities for growth.   Students will check in regularly with their supervisor to address any pertinent issues that may arise during their work.  Students will also learn additional information regarding energetic anatomy, how to communicate and work with people on the Other Side, how to address contracts and cording at a more advanced level, and how to develop more advanced levels of awareness of energetic structures.

HighSelf Resonance Therapy Teacher Training:
This course teaches the student how to teach HighSelf Resonance Therapy to others including: teaching technique; dynamics of teacher/student relationships; how to facilitate energywork education and sessions; how to read energy in the classroom and stimulate students’ intuition and abilities; testing for correct technique and the practical exams for proficiency in HighSelf Resonance Therapy energywork.

Honoring The Shadow:
The Shadow is our unconscious mind, which comprises everything we have ever seen, felt, heard, felt, believed, thought or experienced. This course provides an in-depth exploration of the hidden agendas, fears and talents that make up our Shadow Selves and why we subconsciously react in our lives. Students will learn to identify Shadow behaviors, talents, and preferences to unlock hidden energy and potential. This work may help prevent the health practitioner from unconsciously projecting their needs and agendas onto their clients, which makes them a more balanced professional.

Hot Stone Massage:
This course is an advanced course covering Hot Stone massage, a popular modality with clients. Working with this modality greatly enhances  other massage modalities, reduces the strain of repeated massage work and is a very effective tool for stress and pain relief.  It is also helpful in improving range of motion, flexibility, improving circulation and accelerating the healing process. This modality will also increase the student’s employment options with spas and ability to assist clients at a deeper level.

House Clearing Workshop:
This workshop teaches the student to provide an additional service for their clients, which is balancing and harmonizing elements in the home. It also assists clients to feel more relaxed and peaceful in their home environment (this is not Feng Shui.)

*Introduction to Tarot: Part One:
This workshop teaches the student to understand the basics of tarot layouts and the meanings and interpretations of the Major Arcana. Students will lay out cards in class with supervision and assistance from the instructor.

*Introduction to Tarot: Part Two:
This workshop teaches the student to understand the basics of tarot layouts and the meanings and interpretations of the Minor Arcana, meanings of multiple numbers, and ethics of interpretation. Students will lay out cards in class with supervision and assistance from the instructor.

Managing Your Swirl:
Massage and energywork professionals have an opportunity to learn how to prevent counter-transference onto their clients during treatment by addressing their own personal issues in this course.  During the course of living, we go in and out of balance.  The cause of these imbalances is a collection of negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, which we affectionately call the “swirl.”  Students will learn how to recognize and release limiting patterns, ideas and belief systems. They will learn how to keep themselves in harmony and open energetically, despite life’s challenges.  For the student who is an energy-sensitive person who is easily affected by other peoples’ energy, this course will provide an excellent foundation for living a balanced life.

Massage for Depression:
This course educates the practitioner on the etiology of depression, how it manifests and methods of treatment using massage strokes, acupressure points and Reflexology.

Massage for Anxiety: 
This course educates the practitioner on the etiology of anxiety, how it manifests and methods of treatment using massage strokes, acupressure points and Reflexology.

Pregnancy Massage:
Pregnancy (Pre-Natal) Massage offers pregnant women an opportunity to experience comfort, pain reduction and stress relief.  This course will cover the anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy, draping, pillow placement, benefits, precautions, information regarding peri- and post-partum changes during pregnancy, and massage technique.

*Psychic Development 101:
This course addresses the development of the student’s psychic abilities (also called siddhis); ethical issues; how to increase (or decrease) empathic ability according to situational variables; energy management; regulating information input; determining accuracy of information received; seeing the future; dream interpretation and more.

Public Speaking for Massage:
This class will help students address a major opportunity to promote their practice while also dealing with fears around presenting to other people.  Students will learn the basics of speaking well, being prepared, and removing performance anxiety.

Reflexology Practitioner – Parts One and Two:
Reflexology Practitioner is a two-part course that certifies the student in the Egyptian Method,TM a pain-free form of reflexology created by Lynn Nelson that creates amazing results.  The first 24 hours educate the student in physical manipulation for the feet and the hands, as well as systemic Reflexology and pathology treatment with Reflexology, as well as energy management for the practitioner and addressing emotional processing for the client.

Reflexology Practitioner Part Two address Emotional Reflexology, a modality used to treat and release conscious and subconscious trauma, fear and pain via reflex stimulation, affirmations and the application of aromatherapy. This modality is extremely powerful for people who have difficulty addressing emotional challenges directly; excellent for addicts and other people with significant trauma, such as PTSD.

Reflexology 24-Hour Course:
Reflexology is the healing modality focusing on the acupressure points of the feet and hands and how they influence and demonstrate the health of other parts of the body. Reflexology truly operates under a principle of holistic health, which is that all things are connected. Students will be trained to work the structures of the feet and hands to facilitate better health with the Egyptian Method,™ a painless form of Reflexology. In this method, the student will learn how to see and feel tender reflex areas of the hands and feet. Instruction includes Anatomy and Physiology of the foot (4 hours), Pathology and how Reflexology is used to treat various conditions (4 hours), sanitation, rules and regulations, hand and foot Reflexology, Ethics (2 hours), advertising, marketing and practical application.

Reiki Level One:
Reiki Level One is an energywork modality that has the potential to provide comprehensive healing at many levels and at the level at which the recipient can receive it.  Students will learn hands-on treatments for themselves and others, as well as creative ways to bring in the powerful healing energy of Reiki to their lives.  This modality brings benefits that last for a lifetime. We teach four Reiki Symbols that will be helpful to our students.  Reiki One is unique because students are attuned in six Reiki traditions at their hands and feet, while receiving a comprehensive education in Reiki.

Reiki Level Two:
Prerequisite course is Reiki Level One. In Reiki Level Two, students deepen their experiences with attunements from six traditions with and understanding of Reiki by learning how to send Reiki long-distance, through time and space to empower people, animals, plants, and situations.  They also learn how to use Reiki to heal subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and to break addictive behavior patterns.  Reiki is an extremely valuable and versatile energy that can be used in many ways. Students also learn more Reiki symbols, especially Traditional Usui, Tibetan and Alternative Symbols.

Reiki Master Teacher:
Prerequisite courses are Reiki Levels One and Two. This course attunes the student to the Reiki Master level, and encourages a stronger level of commitment to and participation in the healing process. The Reiki Master, upon completion of the course, will have an in-depth knowledge on the Reiki Keys, or Symbols, how to use them, how to heal large groups of people and how to direct healing intention. This course also teaches the student how to give Reiki attunements and to teach Reiki classes. We will cover the attunement process and its subtleties in great detail, as well as the art of teaching Reiki. This will enable the students to teach their own Reiki classes and expand their career as an instructor as well as a healer.

Reiki Additional Symbols Workshop 1:
Prerequisite course is Reiki Master Training There are additional Reiki Symbols that, once lost thousands of years ago, are being recovered. These Symbols have specific healing purposes and intentions, and powerfully focus the Reiki healing energy. You will receive a Reiki Attunement and training in Reiki Symbols that address the masculine and feminine principles, Earth Healing, the Evolution of Human Consciousness, Cycles (personal, financial, spiritual), truth, responsibility, transmutation of negative energy, wind and ether elements, the return of love and more. This course will give you the ability to use and attune others with these Symbols.

Reiki Additional Symbols Workshop 2:
Prerequisite course is Reiki Master Training.  This course trains students in Reiki Symbols that bring healing to the physical body, including the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, skeletal, lymphatic, integumentary, urinary, nervous and reproductive systems. This course will give students the ability to use and attune others with these Symbols.

Tui Na Massage Part One:
Tui Na Massage is a Chinese method of using techniques such as “fingerspringing,” “rolling,” “mo,” and “mot” to release blocked Chi and restore harmony in the body.  This light, yet effective technique works at superficial and deep levels and can be used effectively for clients who cannot tolerate more invasive massage techniques (such as clients with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue).  This method may be used to release trigger points and to deal with health issues in specific parts of the body (such as arthritis in a particular joint).  This course includes 5 hours of Anatomy and Physiology and 5 hours of Pathology.

Tui Na Massage Part Two:
In this advanced Tui Na class, we will cover more advanced treatment techniques for pathological conditions, pain and stress management. We will also cover baby massage.

World Traditions in Healing:
This course will give the student an overview of how healing has developed over several thousand years and how healing modalities are practiced today.  We will cover the history of massage and also information on modalities that other colleagues in the holistic health field practice, including: shamanism, acupuncture/acupressure, massage, homeopathy, naturopathy and energy healing.

Understanding Trigger Points:
Trigger points are locations in the body that send referred pain to other parts of the body. In this course, the student will learn to recognize the predictable patterns of pain produced by trigger points. Students will also learn to locate the trigger points causing the referred pain. Class discussion will also include health issues associated with trigger points, how trigger points are created, and how to eliminate them.

Understanding Universal Laws
(This is a distance-only learning course):
In Understanding Universal Laws, the student will learn about the laws that affect all people, everywhere. These Laws are so key that they transcend culture and time, yet influence how we live our daily lives. When we violate these laws, we experience negative repercussions. Living life in alignment with these laws will significantly improve our quality of life and assist us to understand the more challenging aspects of our personal experiences.