IMG_0161Hubbard Education Group offers a variety of fun and exciting events, such as Reiki Shares, Walks with the Elementals, online connections to do energywork trades, meditation experiences, drumming circles and more.  Contact us at 949-292-3223 for more information or email Ariel.

Upcoming Events:

4/20/21 3 PM PST and on the podcast: Ariel is interviewed by the host of Don’t Ask Me to Talk, the hilarious Stacy Heller.  Find the show or podcast at

We have online events set to celebrate traditional Celtic holidays.  Email us to get on the mailing list:

Beltane: 5/1/21

Summer Solstice: 6/21/21

Lammas (Lughnasadh): 8/2/21

Fall Equinox: 9/21/21

Samhain (Celtic New Year): 10/31/21

Winter Soltice: 12/21/21

Due to Covid-19 issues, we will be scheduling live events as soon as it is safe to do so!

Events We Are Looking Forward To:

Reiki Shares:  Please send an email to email Ariel if you would like to join in a monthly Reiki share in the Eastside area in Washington. Keep up your Reiki skills! Learn new tips and ideas!

Check-Ins with Ariel: Upcoming online meeting with Ariel to connect. Missing Ariel?  She misses you!  Let’s get together online! Go to the Hubbard Education Group Facebook page, tweet @arielhubbard, or see Ariel’s photos on Pinterest at Ariel’s Healing Board (and their are other boards as well).

HighSelf Resonance Therapy Online Hangouts: Go to the Facebook page for the HighSelf Resonance Therapy Vortex  to set up times to trade with other California Academy for the Healing Arts and Hubbard Education Group grads to do Energywork for each other!