Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses: To Enroll, contact Ariel, call or text 949-292-3223 or email Ariel.

Reiki training will be facilitated by Ariel Hubbard, Certified Reiki Master Teacher in Washington and Calli Brady, Reiki Master Teacher in the Orange County, California area. You will be attuned in six (not one) Reiki traditions: Usui Ryoho, Independent, Seichim, Tibetan, Karuna, Ananda Rei. Your hands AND feet will be attuned, and you will be given a lot of attention and guidance in every class you take!

Ariel's students giving a Reiki treatment, circa 2010.

Reiki is a spiritually-directed life force energy that can have a profound impact on your life!  Reiki has many wonderful benefits:


  • It supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • It  balances the body’s energies at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).
  • It clears blocked energies and promotes total relaxation.
  • It adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient.
  • It supports spiritual growth and mental well-being.

Reiki is an ancient healing energy that heals at the levels of body, mind and spirit, and intelligently seeks out and heals different areas in order of need. Students will be taught how to provide hands-on treatments, as well as long-distance work, healing through space and time, and healing the subconscious mind to break addictive behavior patterns, clearing karma and healing for large groups. Students will be taught Reiki from several traditions, including Traditional Usui, Seichim, Tibetan and the Independent Tradition. The Reiki Master Teacher, upon completion of the course, will have an in-depth knowledge on the Reiki Keys, or Symbols, how to use them, and how to attune others with Reiki. The intensity of Reiki at this level also strongly opens up the student to deeper levels of self-healing and gives them momentum to bring healing to core issues. Graduates will be able to teach their own Reiki classes as well as embark on their own Reiki practice.

If you are already trained in Reiki but would like training in additional traditions, you may take our full classes or take private classes to receive the attunements in all of our traditions.

Reiki Divination Cards: 4 hours.

This course teaches you how to work with Ariel’s Reiki Divination Cards, which may be used as a healing modality (they transmit Reiki energy), or as a divination method.  Learn to “read” the spiritual energies that are “at play” in your life.  You do not need to be a Reiki Practitioner to take this course.

Reiki Level One: 12 hours.
Reiki Level One is an energywork modality that has the potential to provide comprehensive healing at many levels and at the level at which the recipient can receive it. Students will learn hands-on treatments for themselves and others, as well as creative ways to bring in the powerful healing energy of Reiki to their lives. This modality brings benefits that last for a lifetime. At Hubbard Education Group, we teach four Reiki Symbols that will be helpful to our students. Reiki One education is unique here because students are attuned in six Reiki traditions at their hands and feet, while receiving a comprehensive education in Reiki.

Reiki Level Two: 12 hours.
Prerequisite course is Reiki Level One.
In Reiki Level Two, students deepen their experiences with attunements from six traditions with and understanding of Reiki by learning how to send Reiki long-distance, through time and space to empower people, animals, plants, and situations. They also learn how to use Reiki to heal subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and to break addictive behavior patterns. Reiki is an extremely valuable and versatile energy that can be used in many ways. Students also learn more Reiki symbols, especially Traditional Usui, Tibetan and Alternative Symbols.

Reiki Master Teacher:
32 hours (56 total hours with Reiki 1 and Reiki 2).
Prerequisite courses are Reiki Levels One and Two.
This course attunes the student to the Reiki Master level, and encourages a stronger level of commitment to and participation in the healing process. The Reiki Master, upon completion of the course, will have an in-depth knowledge on the Reiki Keys, or Symbols, how to use them, how to heal large groups of people and how to direct healing intention. This training will also include in-depth training in Seichim Reiki. The intensity of Reiki at this level also strongly opens up the student to deeper levels of self-healing and gives them momentum to bring healing to core issues. On an energetic level, Reiki at this level is much more powerful and the students’ ability to share this energy is greatly expanded.

This course also teaches the student how to give Reiki attunements and to teach Reiki classes. We will cover the attunement process and its subtleties in great detail, as well as the art of teaching Reiki. This will enable the students to teach their own Reiki classes and expand their career as an instructor as well as a healer. Students will also understand the purpose of Reiki symbols and their application, as well as how to attune people with new symbols that are being revealed. Students will also gain a greater understanding of how the attunement process opens people spiritually and how to work with this process to facilitate the most growth.

This course teaches and attunes in six Reiki traditions, making it a unique and cost-saving Reiki Master course.

Continuing Education in Reiki:
There is also ground-breaking work being done in Reiki. Re-discovered Reiki Symbols are being brought through to bring healing to the organs, nature, the elements, karma, personal issues, debt, and much more.  We offer several different Additional Symbol Courses at Hubbard Education Group to teach and attune our students with these important Symbols.

Reiki Additional Symbols Courses: 4 hours each, RASC Courses 1 and 2,  Students will also have the opportunity to continue their Reiki training through Reiki Additional Courses 1, and 2 working with the new Reiki Symbols for healing of the physical body, organs, and spiritual healing.

Reiki Shares:
Reiki Shares are a powerful way of continuing to share Reiki with our students and guests in the community. Periodically, we will offer Reiki shares. They give people new to Reiki an opportunity to experience it while also giving Reiki Practitioners an opportunity to give and receive treatments. Check our schedule for more details.