Current Schedule for Live Classes (online, see below):

Class:Dates:Course Fee:
NCTMB-Approved Egyptian Pain-Free Reflexology for the Feet:
Location: Arlington Massage School
Enroll here to sign up for Pain-Free Reflexology.
Receive NCBTMB CE Hours while learning a healing, buttery, soothing and extremely effective treatment for the feet that can address pain, anxiety, depression, and a variety of other issues.
10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Lymphatic Clearing: Post Surgical Techniques
Location: Sammamish
This is an advanced Lymphatic Massage course designed to train LMT’s to provide post-surgical drainage for clients who have had cosmetic surgery. Pre-requisites are Lymphatic Clearing: Head and Neck, Lymphatic Clearing: Torso and Arms, Lymphatic Clearing: Pelvis and Legs, Lymphatic Clearing: Organs and Other Structures. Email Ariel to schedule these trainings in a private course format.
5/10/24 1:30-5:30$300
Craniosacral Assessment Live Massage Class:
Location: Arlington School of Massage
Learn how to address, facilitate healing for the craniosacral system while working with the fascia, acupoints and traditional craniosacral techniques. Class space is limited. Please enroll by clicking here to sign up for CSA class.
5/27/24 11:00 AM-3:00 PM $120
HighSelf Resonance Therapy Energywork
Location: Sammamish
Enroll here.
Ariel created this modality in 1994 to give people the ability to clear, charge, repair, align and modulate the chakras, auric field and meridians. First offered are introductory classes in clearing and balancing the chakras and auric field–and from there, if students wish to advance their skill level and abilities, they can take the HRT 1 Part One and Part Two courses, training in tools such as using the voice to heal the field, spiritual contracts, emotional processing and clearing, advanced energy management techniques and more. This course will transform how you approach healing work.
Chakra Healing class: June 2024
Auric Field Healing class: June 2024
Email Ariel to schedule these trainings in a private course format.
Each class is 4 hours. Email Ariel to confirm dates in June$120
Understanding Trigger Points classes: Coming up this summer.
Location: Arlington Massage School.
Learn how to intuitively and effectively clear pain and trigger points without memorizing charts! Assist your clients to come out of pain quickly while reducing the need to “power through” your massage treatments!
Enroll in Understanding Trigger Points: Head and Neck
Enroll in Understanding Trigger Points: Torso and Arms
Enroll in Understanding Trigger Points: Pelvis and Legs
Head and Neck: 6/28/24
Pelvis and Legs: 7/26/24
Pelvis and Legs: 8/23/24 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Master Training. Ariel has trained with 10 Reiki Masters and offers a comprehensive course covering 6 Reiki traditions, advanced clinical approaches to cancer treatment, past life work, business training and marketing for Reiki.
Location: Sammamish
Reiki 1: Healing work for yourself and others in-person. 12 hours and 4 Reiki Symbols.
Reiki 2: Healing work at a distance, for past lives and to address addictive behaviors and 9 Reiki Symbols.
Reiki Master Teacher: Learn advanced Symbols, healing work, case management, how to teach Reiki and advanced cancer treatment options with Reiki. 32 hours, a 6-month course and 45 Reiki Symbols.
Classes scheduled at your convenience.$300 -R1
Schedule of live classes for Hubbard Education Group and AscendCE


In-Person Course Schedule: 

  • See below. We have added many popular and NEW live classes back on to our schedule!

On-demand Courses Online:

  • Online classes starting at $20. Go here for online Ethics, Energywork, Massage and more. 

Need your CE’s last-minute?

  • Private, on-demand classes are taught in 2-6 hour increments that may not be listed below.  See the Class List here for information. Choose the topic of your choice and take the class at your convenience! $75 an hour, with a 2-hour minimum.  Topics include information from any of our listed courses, plus additional topics. 

Upcoming LIVE Classes!

Approved CE class topics include massage, and for non-supervised massage hours, include business, anatomy and yes, energywork courses (this was verified by the Washington Department of Health).

Massage: Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Assessment, Trigger Point Release, Sports, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Pregnancy, Massage for Anxiety, Massage for Depression, Lymphatic Clearing, Level-Up Massage, Advanced Head and Neck Massage, Advanced Psoas Massage, Pain-Free ReflexologyAdvanced Head and Neck Massage

WE OFFER MANY MORE COURSES THAN JUST THE CLASSES, ABOVE!  Click here for descriptions and Email me to get on the enrollment list for pricing. Pricing varies on whether you are taking a group class, or a private class, and the length of the class. Group 4-hour classes tend to be $120, private classes are $75+ an hour.


Anatomy, Advanced Anatomy and Palpation, Anatomy of the Pelvis

Empath Empowerment

Divination: Introduction to Tarot 1 and 2, Muscle-Testing and Pendulum Work

Energy Medicine: Reiki, HighSelf Resonance Therapy, Communicating with your Guides, Energy Anatomy, Crystal Chakra Healing, Energy Management, and more

Spirituality: Incarnational Choices, Introduction to Past Life Regression, Communicating with Your Guides

Ariel teaches privately in group, on Zoom or individually, at your convenience.  

Hubbard Education Group teaches and works with an 18-Chakra in treatment and education work.

Hubbard Education Group teaches and works with an 18-Chakra in treatment and education work.