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Pricing is always a concern, no matter what product or service we buy or offer. Massage Therapists and Healers are also affected by inflation and increases in the cost of living. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service and meet client needs while receiving a living wage commensurate with training (over 34 years of training and experience (over 30,000 sessions provided).

As of August 2023, rate changes for treatments are as follows:

$150 for 60 minutes in WA, $200 an hour when when distance travel is included

$225 for 90 minutes when distance travel is included

$300 for 120 minutes, pricing is higher when distance travel is included

Private course fees will change to $75 an hour beginning July 2022. Our online education prices are nominal for 4-hour courses if you are seeking inexpensive pricing for short courses. You may also organize a group course for a less expensive rate.


Welcome to Online Continuing Education in Massage, Energywork and More!


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