Ariel Hubbard’s Healing Treatments Testimonials:

“I have had problems with my left hip flexor and lower lumbar area for years, going from severe pain to just [dis]comfort.  After a few weeks of Ariel’s bodywork, the pain is gone…”
— J.P., Mother, Costa Mesa, California.

“Ariel brings an amazing intuition, openness, energy and unabashed spirituality to her work.  I highly recommend her.” — C.S., Healer and Massage Therapist, North Carolina

“As a professional, I really appreciate my sessions with Ariel Hubbard.  Ariel draws upon her extensive training and experience to provide me with relaxed, empowering and healing treatments.  As a result, I feel my stress levels are reduced, my physical and emotional needs are supported, and I experience greater harmony, balance, and joy in my life.  I feel blessed to be one of her clients and I lovingly recommend her services.”
— K.A., Holistic Services Consultant, Aliso Viejo, California.

Hubbard Education Group Teaching Testimonials

“I am continuing to have good experiences with giving Reiki treatments, both to others and myself… I have so much love in my heart for everything since my attunement, I get a little ‘choked up’ sometimes…It’s beautiful.”— M.C., Henna Artist, Long Beach, California.

“I thought this class was run exceptionally perfectly & we were able to really cover a lot of material. Thank you for everything Ariel. Who you are and what you do is way beyond formal description.” — Anonymous

“You’re very knowledgable and bring your personal experiences to class.” — Anonymous

“Thank you for being patient, non-judgmental and answering all my questions.”
— Anonymous

“Ariel is open with sharing her knowledge & helping us advance ours.” — Anonymous

“The tools we were given in class worked for everyone as we were able to track all of the things we brought into our lives. It’s amazing how Ariel can analyze your life in a way that you’ll see things from a perspective you would have never taken. In this class you are able to get to the root of your personal issues, acknowledge how they are affecting what you’re attracting and work to change that.” — J.R.